March 4, 2015

The impact women have had on society is immeasurable, and shouldn’t be relegated to one month. Countless battles are currently being waged around the world in the pursuit of women’s rights and equality. That’s why Women’s History Month serves as an appropriate occasion to explore these challenges and to highlight the roles that women have assumed towards gender equity.

The women of today in positions of power and influence forge along a continuum of incredible achievements enacted by their predecessors. These women are the inspiration for young girls across the globe who dare to defy the limitations of self-doubt and discrimination. Every young girl has the potential to reshape the 21st century through the increased focus on STEM education–she just needs to be made aware.

Here are some resources and edtech tools that will help you engage all of your students this month in the exploration of women’s history, especially the young girl who needs the encouragement to know that her gender should never impede her dreams.

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